Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meal Planning + Eating Leftovers = Efficiency

I've been diligently meal planning for a month. It's not only helped me to be more organized and eat out less, but it's also allowed me to really evaluate the trends in our schedules and how to better plan for the nights where things don't happen the way we had intended.

This week, I scheduled a "leftovers" night in the middle of the week and an FFE night on Saturday to provide flexibility to our weekend. The reason I chose to make leftovers night in the middle of the week is because by Wednesday we have at least 3-days worth of that is perfectly yummy and completely edible. It frees up a mid-week night of cooking and also encourages us to eat what we already have and minimize waste. After all, by the end of the week no one wants to eat what we cooked 4-6 days ago!

I was excited to go into the refrigerator and literally pull out a ton of food. Food that is appetizing and already prepared! Here is a rundown of tonight's "leftover menu."

1 serving of Grilled Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes + Veggies
2.5 servings of Beef Enchiladas + Mexican Rice
1 grilled hamburger
1.5 servings of Fettuccine Alfredo
All the fixin's for a Turkey Sandwich

Above all, there is something to meet everyone's appetite and taste buds tonight and chances are very little to no food will go to waste this week. I just love it when I discover ways to improve efficiency! (and not just discover ways, actually implementing them is the true accomplishment) :D

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Tori said...

Ahhh, the implementation! So often that's where the gap is.
It sounds like this is working well for you. Makes me wish I was in your house so I would be eating so much yummy food!