Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rainbow Brite Rules

Tonight we had some new friends over, the Espino Family. We made pizza, the girls played, and visited. It was so much fun! As the Espino's were leaving, their daughter, Natalie, found a birthday card that belongs to Sofia with a beautiful unicorn and rainbow on it. She wanted so badly to take it with her. We promised to make one just for her and so I did a google image search.

In the midst of my search, I found this image of Rainbow Brite with her sidekick on her horse, Starlite. Oh, the warm feelings that quickly returned and the smile that landed on my face. I loved Rainbow Brite in 4th grade and even still have my Rainbow Brite lunch box and thermos from that year. Oh the memories. :) Anyone else out there Rainbow Brite fans?!?!?


Meredith said...

Of course, Rainbow Bright is the bomb!!!

Lori said...

I used to have a red Twink!

vanderlinden clan said...

Rainbow Brite was my favorite! One year for halloween my mom made a Rainbow Brite costume that was identical to hers. It was awesome! If I ever have a little girl the costume will be resurrected for her!

Tori said...

Sorry...never was much of a Rainbow Bright girl.

Stormy said...

Yay! 3 out of the 4 of you are Rainbow Brite fans! I surely had the characters I wasn't in the smurfs! Sorry if you're a smurf fan!

I was thinking of tracking down some old RB videos and introducing them to Sofia...I bet she would just eat her up!

She's totally into rainbows these days, too!

Here's to Rainbow Brite!

Tracie said...

We have one! My kiddos love it! Randy gets a little bugged when Tyson watches it without Meg!