Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sydnei Nicole Staley

Parents take great pride in naming their children; it’s the second question most commonly asked only to “what are you having?” and it’s not any different for us. We’re thrilled to be having a baby girl—honestly, Sofía is very enthusiastic, since she can’t stop saying how she and her new bebé are going to play hide-and-seek—and nothing is more important to us than naming this little one. Thoughts that always cross the mind are the typical ones: do you name her after mami (for cryin’ out loud she carried her for nine months); do you name her after papi (he’s the one that had to watch mommy throw up a lot, you know); or do you name her after a beloved relative, such as Bertha (bless your heart grandma) or Looney (Ryan voted for that one, of course)? We do it all in the name of tradition, right? Well, actually, we spent a lot of time pondering over the name for our second child. And once we found out it was a girl, we knew in our hearts what her name would be.

Ryan and I always wanted to choose names for our children that would provide meaning to their lives in years to come, and promote an increased sense of self and special identity in this world.

Sydnei Olivia Michau


Ten years ago, one of the most important individuals came into my life: Sydnei Olivia Michau. She didn’t know then how she’d affect my life forever. My friendship with Sydnei was instant and quickly blossomed. Over the next ten years, Sydnei’s patience, love, support, and sense of humor proved to be paramount to my own life and success. She’s a life-long friend, which I firmly believe one rarely finds in this life.

We chose to name our second daughter after Sydnei because it will represent someone who is a bright light for many, faithful, full of love and strength, and generous. Thank you, Sydnei, for being an inspiration to us.

Stormy Nicole Staley

She who carried her for nine months wins: her middle name is Nicole after her mami. The nine-month thing really has nothing do with why Sydnei received the middle name “Nicole,” so we’ll clarify that right here. Nicole comes from Greek origin, and its meaning is "victorious people," and Ryan thought that was important, of course, as do I.

Nicole is sweet, determined, and ambitious. Those are characteristics that Ryan has always used to describe me. We chose the middle name, Nicole, for these very same qualities.

Sydnei Nicole Staley…

We can’t wait for you to join our family and watch you grow. We look forward to the day we hold you in our arms for the very first time.

Mami y Papi


Daisy said...

Stormy - Do I know Sydnei? She looks so familiar to me. And she looks like she could be your sister too! I love the name. Congratulations! It's such a good feeling to decide on a name with such meaning.

Tori said...

Even though I am disappointed that you couldn't somehow work my name in (jk) I think Sydnei Nicole is a beautiful name and I can't wait to meet her.

vanderlinden clan said...

love the name. I love the sibling combo of names, too. I also love your haircut; that's a really cute pic of you.