Thursday, August 28, 2008

"$100 Bucks goes to the First Person who...

...dares to clean our kitchen." Those were Ryan's words tonight as he walked through a kitchen that seems to have been on a cleaning strike for, oh, say a week?!?! The only other unfortunate souls who have been privy to such a sight are my Mom because she came by yesterday and fortunately found time to unload the dishwasher--THANK YOU! And, my BFF, Tori, because she was here last week when I cleaned it.

Yes, I do love a clean house and generally need it to remain sane. It just didn't make the cut this week. Fine!!! I'll go clean it now and stop blogging about it. Ry, does that mean I get a hundred bucks!?!?!? Certainly, I'd still be eligible? Tell ya what, Ry: ...we do it together and I'll split the money with you (as a one time courtesy, of course) What do you say?!?!? Are you in?

Praise from Sofia

Sofia: "Mami, thank you to make this delicious dinner!" Big smiles. Yes, I love it when my kids enjoy my cooking. The nice thing is we didn't have anything fancy for dinner, good old fashioned grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches + beef/barley/vegetable soup. I think Sofia thought the barley was like little pieces of pasta as she devoured the soup. No wonder she loved it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family Prayer Moment

Sofia: "Dear Heavenly Father, please bless Sydnei to grow up to be like me and please bless everyone can be a family."

A Learning Curve

I knew when we decided to have #2 and all through my pregnancy that we were in for a whole new world of challenges. After all, it's been awhile--4 years in fact, since we had a newborn and we'd need to learn and re-learn a thing or two or a hundred. Not too mention getting used to managing dos bambinos with two very different sets of needs. Lately, I have felt so overwhelmed and sometimes incapable of being a good mother to both of my children and meeting their needs as best I can. One second, Sofia is content as can be and the next second it's meltdown city. One moment, Sydnei, is fed, changed, and sound to sleep, the next minute she's awake and whaling. While trying to juggle the girls I'm also thinking about the house cleaning that needs to be done, the garage that needs organized the 50 errands I still need to run...the list goes on and on.

My feelings of being overwhelmed have induced this utter sense of inadequacy. Thoughts have surfaced like: how in the world did my Mom do this? Why does that Mom seem to have it so together? And then it hits me, it's not automatic. Yes, most mother's are born with a keen sense of intuition but so much of our ability to love, nurture, and provide come with learning, practice, and time. So, that's where I am right now and that's okay. Gratefully, the perfectionist and inpatient side of my personality decided to buy into this concept this morning. What a relief. Thankfully, I feel a "little" less stressed to start my day and while thoughts continue to come to my mind such as: "Will I ever get the hang of this?" I remind myself to be patient and while I won't have motherhood 100% figured out today, guaranteed, with the right perspective and lots o' love we'll do just fine.

Sofia and I on the Willamette River Cruise
August 15, 2008

Sydnei and I on a train ride through the Oregon Zoo
August 19, 2008

Humbled? Yes. More grateful for the example, sacrifices, patience, and love of my own mother? Definitely. It's amazing what a little reality check and perspective shift can do.

Friday, August 22, 2008

NieNie Dialogues

A few months back when my good friend Lindy was visiting, she introduced me to a pair of blogging sissy's, NieNie and CJane. I was instantly sucked in as I began to read their dialogue, commentary, life experiences, and so on. They have a keen and witty way of expressing themselves and sharing their lives and perspectives.

One of the sisters, NieNie, was in a private airplane crash with her husband six days ago. While the pilot did not survive the crash, she and her husband are in the burn unit listed in critical condition at Maricopa County Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Their prognosis is still so unknown but will definitely include many surgeries, skin grafts, infection fighting, and body temperature regulating--to name a few.

StephaNie and Christian Nielson Family
(this is my most favorite family picture of theirs, NieNie looks so sheek and hip in a 1920's kind of way)

NieNie is the mother of four precious children: Clair, Jane Bronwyn, Oliver, and Nicholas (Gigs). I can't express how the tragedy of a family I know of only through blogland has effected me. Since I heard about the crash, NieNie and her family have persisted in my thoughts and prayers. The thought of them fighting for their lives while their children and extended family watch, wait, hope, and pray is overwhelming. NieNie's sister, CJane, continues to update her blog on their progress.

Nielson Family: June 2008

First I want to invite each of you who read this blog to offer up your own faith and prayers in behalf of the Nielson Family. I know that the kindest of thoughts and faithful prayers of people one knows and those they don't know, are heard and help more than anything else can. The faith of others is far reaching and as one who has repeatedly benefited from the same of others, I invite you to join in on behalf of this sweet family. Additionally, some donation accounts have been set up to help contribute to the cost of their recovery. Their recovery will be costly, well into the millions. Should you want to do more, you may click on the Nie Recovery Button at the top of the right side bar to learn of many ways to support various fundraising efforts including but not limited to craft sales, silent auctions, and donations. All proceeds will be used to pay for medical bills and their household management as they recover.

Thanks to each of you for reading and offering your support. My best wishes for this sweet, dear family.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Careese Gets a New "Do!"

Sweet Careese

Our niece, Careese, age 12, has been helping us throughout the summer with the arrival of Sydnei. She is such a gem and so much fun to be around! We've really enjoyed spending time with her and no doubt, Sofia has as well. Sofia calls her--her big sister and talks about growing up to be a big girl like Careese--when "she gets taller." Careese is funny and loves to learn new things. She really enjoys cooking and baking and so of course, I've been teaching her everything I know. :)

MaMa Thompson always gets her grandkids' haircut for the start of the new school year. Careese inherited the long, thick, gorgeous black hair of her Mom, Maria. It's to die for! There is so much she can do with her hair. I took her the other day to see Andrea (Sofia's hairstylist) and she chose to get layers. What resulted from her appointment was awesome. Careese went from kid to young woman and I couldn't be more proud! Since her appointment I've been teaching her the ropes of using a flat iron and some molding wax so that she can actually do her hair the way it's meant to be styled. She is picking up fast and looks awesome. Careese is headed to the 7th grade and young women's this Sunday and she is definitely ready to turn some heads. Here are some of the great pics from our silly niece, Careese. (That rhymed)!

"Miss Thang!"

" yeah, so like, anyways!"

"Check me out, you know I'm hot!"

We love you Careese!!!!

p.s. Lime Green is her FAVORITE color!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy 7th Anniversary!

Engagement Photo, 2001

Wedding Day, August 4, 2001

Today marks 7-years since I married Ryan. The day I married him, I felt so lucky and blessed and I feel the exact same today. It's hard to believe how many years have passed--we're only three years away from our 10th anniversary! This last year has been an awesome year with the birth of our second child, Sydnei, Ry's acceptance to graduate school, Sofia finishing her first year of preschool, a move to Tigard, Oregon...OH! and the purchase of our very first complete set of furniture! What accomplishments!! (especially the last one--lol). While they may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, they definitely are to us!

Wedding Reception, I still remember the cake fondly ;)

Ryan, te amo con todo mi corazón. Gracias por amarme siempre. I love you a 100 trazillion red and yellow roses. :)

Here's to another stellar year for our family!