Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Office is coming back!

FINALLY!!! Beginning April 10th, we'll be in full swing again with Michael, Dwight, Jam, Kelly and Darrell, oh my gosh....I CAN'T WAIT! Good thing I did as Andy did on the "Women's Appreciation Day" aka the "Phyllis gets flashed" episode where he went to "check the web" while Dwight ran out to hunt down the perpetrator, and Jim called the "real police."

So for those of you who didn't already know, the evening of April 10th, only 7 weeks from today, is going to ROCK!!!!


David said...

I can't wait... I don't know what I'd do with myself without the Office.

Meredith said...

We LOVE The Office too! It totally cracks us up. This writer's strike has been killing us! So we can't wait for April
10th either!
Right now we're focusing on LOST...are you LOST fans??

Stormy said...

Hey Meredith! We've never watched LOST. Everyone I know has and we hear people talking about it and anticipating the next episode all the time. It's kind of crazy that we haven't ever sat down to watch it! Maybe we'll give it a try! :) Is there any background we should understand? Do we have to rent the first season in order to understand it?