Saturday, June 6, 2009

11 Months (a couple of weeks late)

Posing for the camera while playing with Sissy in the new whale pool!

This little one is the most precious little baby in the whole wide world! She is growing up so fast and won't be a baby much longer. I have mixed emotions about that but am so happy for her progress in so many areas. She's a loving little cuddler. One you have to earn her respect and trust before she'll let you get close. Sydnei has a sweet sense of humor and loves for her Momma to hold her. We are so grateful she came to our family!

Here are some of her milestones and favorite things to do this month:

* Says "uh-oh"
* Pretends to talk on the phone
* Eats finger foods
* Walks like crazy
* Loves to play in AND eat dirt
* Can win any stare-down competition
* Let's you know she wants something with a really loud grunt
* Loves to lay on my shoulder under the warm shower water and listen to me sing to her

She's my little stink and I am so grateful and proud to call myself her Mami. I love you, Sydnei!!!

Whale Pool Mischief--trying to get out of the pool!