Friday, March 27, 2009

From Goldfish to Penguin

Sofia has been in swimming lessons since October. With a break from December to Mid-February. She recently graduated to a Penguin and is so excited to move up the swim class ranks.

She can:

* blow bubbles for 5-counts
* put her face in the water and hold her breath
* glide on her back with assistance
* kick with straight legs

I love taking her to swimming lessons. I melt every time she waves at me--even though, I'm mouthing to her that she needs to pay attention to her teacher or straighten her legs while kicking (I guess that's the former swim instructor in me). And it never fails, after each class we get a bag of popcorn and play I-spy all the way home in the car.

Let me just tell YOU!

What has Sydnei been up to lately:

March 24, 2009: Children's Museum--Loving life in the baby garden
(Papi still loves to squeeze her in the 3-6 mos Guns n' Roses onsie. Admittedly, the tight fit makes her seem more of a baby rock star)

* Turned 9 months, March 23rd
* Stands for 5 seconds unassisted
* Crawls like a maniac
* Cruises from furniture to furniture
* Is getting 7 teeth at one time..NO, that is not a typo. (5 on top and two more to go with the two that came right at her 4 month b-day)
* LOVES cream of wheat
* Can climb 4 stairs without any help
* Says Ma-ma and Pa-pa and ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
* Lets her big sissy know when she doesn't approve of her actions
* Puts everything she can lay her hands on in her mouth
* Oh, and when in the shower with Papi, managed to reach for a razor and take two little chunks out of two fingers. Nice one. (she didn't even cry) Here's to the first of many battle wounds during childhood!!!

Cheez-it or Plastic Lid? It was a toss up.

It's been nice

January 30th: these two sissy's can't get enough of each other!

I have to admit, it's been nice disconnecting from the virtual world for awhile. We've had a lot going on and it's been good to just focus on real life. I even deactivated my facebook page. There's just something about having my own space--even in the virtual world. I'm extroverted--yes, I love to socialize--yes---but I do really appreciate a simple life where the ups and downs and daily things are plenty enough to keep up with.

It's been over two months and I just couldn't resist posting about our girls. I think we're the most blessed mami y papi. Sofia and Sydnei are growing so much and we are enjoying every second of it! Here's to them and a little revival of the familia Staley blog!