Thursday, April 10, 2008

Highlights from Ry's 28th Birthday

February 26th we celebrated Ry's b-day. It was so much fun! He had the day off and it was beautiful that day so we set out for some "B-day Brunch" at our favorite restaurant in Portland, Mother's Bistro. After which, we strolled downtown for a couple of hours looking at all the cool sights and shops.

Later that day I took Sofia on a field trip to the Dollar Tree to pick out some B-day balloons for our little family party that evening. You see, Sofia believes every birthday party should be filled with balloons, matching plates, napkins, cups, and even goody bags! We did everything but the goody bags. :) The two balloons in the back are a cupcake-shaped balloon and a Disney Princess balloon. Just perfect.

That evening, I cooked Ryan's favorite meal, Shrimp was absolutely scrumptious. My Mom joined us that evening and she and Ryan were in hog heaven with all of the shrimp alfredo you could eat! No matter what, I always manage to cook for the 5000--even if there are only 4 of us!

Ahhh, I'm still dreaming of this awesome oreo ice cream cake.

The store was out of the #8 candle therefore we had to improvise. 4+4=8.
So there you go a 2 + 4,4 = 28!

Sofia helped her Papi blow out his birthday candles!

The Grand Finale, two tickets to see one of Ryan's favorite bands: My Chemical Romance. Rock on! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

Easter Fun and Cuteness

Silly Sofia, Easter Sunday, 2008

I realize it's been a few weeks since Easter and I'm finally getting around to posting these. Aside from the greatest turnaround miracle my Mom made, we enjoyed some Easter Bunny fun and of course, Sofia was so excited to put on her beautiful new Easter dress from Nana, handmade by Great Grandma Holgate. Thanks you two, it is beautiful and your granddaughter was (and still is) absolutely thrilled to wear it!

Sofia's Easter basket on the left, Mami y Papi's on the right. In Ryan's family, it's tradition for the kids to hunt for their Easter baskets on Easter morning. It was no different in our house this Easter as the Easter bunny carefully hid Sofia's basket and she went on a hunt for nearly 10 minutes to find it!

Sofia has fallen in love with 101 Dalmatians. Nana and Grandpa sent her the DVD in an Easter package and the Easter Bunny thought she needed her very own pet Penny to snuggle with and watch the movie.

What else is in here???

In this picture you can see the blue wrapped "Heavenly Hash" egg and the gold wrapped "Gold Brick" egg. These eggs can only be found in the south and are the same ones I used to enjoy from the Easter Bunny when I was a little girl!

Easter cuteness galore. What a wonderful day in every possible way!
(that rhymed ;) )

"Look What I Made You Mami!"

Monday, right around snack time I was upstairs when Sofia approached me to explain that she was making us a special treat and was "pushing the thing down" until it was ready. I told her I was really excited to eat the treat and I was certain it would be delicious. Clearly, I "ass"umed she was making a make-believe treat, which she often does. About 10 minutes later, I started to smell smoke all the way upstairs and went (preggo belly and all) barreling down the stairs. The entire lower level was filled with smoke, Sofia was standing on a chair in the kitchen, and said, "Look Mami, your treat is almost done. I already finished making mine and we can eat our yummy snacks together!" I looked over and it was obvious--this was no make-believe treat. It was a black charred-to-the-max piece of raisin bread. She had her raisin bread toast in her hand and was already eating was toasted perfectly.

I immediately unplugged the toaster, got Sofia down off the chair, opened every window and door, and thanked her for trying to make our snacks while explaining that only Mami's and Papi's are allowed to use the toaster...unless of course, one of us is with her to "help" her toast the raisin bread. The toaster is now safely stowed and out of the reach of children. Gratefully, nothing catastrophic resulted and I was able to get the smoke cleared out. When it was all said and done, Sofia said: "Mami, don't worry, I'll share my piece with you, I haven't finished it yet!" Thank you, Mamita. Love you.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

One week from today....

Dwight and Andy as seen in the "Local Ad"
episode set to repeat tonight.

...The Office returns! While multiple episodes will air tonight, the NEW episodes start next Thursday, the 10th. We've already watched all the episodes airing tonight, after all, we have had to "recycle" every episode saved on DVR from this season for five whole months!!!! 7 days and counting...