Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sofia's Hair Makeover Extravaganza

I was away at the grocery store two nights ago shopping alone when Ryan called me to ask if I was almost home. I told him that I was finishing up my selections and quickly asked, "what happened?" He then said he'd wait to tell me when I arrived home. Right, like I'm going to let him wait--so I dragged it out of him..."Sofia has butchered her hair upstairs and cut a good 60% of it off!!!!" Holy cow, I never hurried up so fast to get out of the grocery store.
Apparently, she came downstairs and said, "Papi, what happened to my hair?" Ryan was staring at her puzzled and he said, "No, what did you DO to your hair?!?!" I rushed home to find Sofia's new "doo" and of course, my mouth dropped to the floor, as I stared at her head. Sofia what did you do to your hair, I asked. She replied, "I cut my hair, don't you like it?!?!" When her Papi asked her why she cut her hair, she replied, "It was getting too long!"

So there we sat wondering if any thing could be salvaged. The next day we went to the kids salon, Little Clippers. Let me just say this place is any parents saving grace. It's only for kids, and the kids get to choose what kind of "car" they sit in, they watch a movie while they get their haicut and can play when they're done! Where was a place like this when I was a kid?!?

Sofia chose the pink Barbie corvette, of course, with Sleeping Beauty as her video entertainment. She would not stop hammin' it up with the stylist. It was HILARIOUS! She kept saying things like, "What are you doing to my hair?" and "Yeah, I cut my hair!" and "Do you know the name of the witch on the movie? and of course, "Wow, my hair is SO COOL!" The stylist, 'Drea, and I could not stop laughing. She was just the little charmer, jokester, that she always is and I regretted not having our camcorder to record it all! The photos will have to tell the story. Most of them are her chatting away while she gets her haircut.

The beauty of the experience was that we dodged the a pixie cut, can I get a hallelujah?!?! In fact, Sofia's new "doo" is so cute, it's way more trendy than mine!!!

Here we go, combing through, to see what could be done.

This was a Sofia moment, where she asked, "Do you even know the name of that witch on the movie?"
Chop, chop, chop, with a smile!

This picture makes me laugh, instantly!

The pink Barbie Corvette, it doesn't get anymore cool than this!

Sofia says, "My hair is SO COOL!"

Blow dry, almost done!
Some spray glittler, to really "sparkle" like a Princess.

So adorable.
The back.

"Let me see, let me see!"
All done, it's play time now!!!


vanderlinden clan said...

she is so stinking cute!! I love the new do, and I love the fun attitude she is showing. How has the new style been working? What a great idea for a kid's salon!

Anonymous said...

What's so funny is she looks like she's "rAiSiN' dA RooF" in one of the pictures! Hahahahaha

Tori said...

Seriously, it looks almost just like Nicole's 'do to me. (Except that it's shorter in the front!) Maybe she was reading your mind and wanted to look like Mami.