Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fine, YOU WIN, Pregnant Brain!

For those of you who may or may not recall, pregnant brain struck big during my pregnancy with Sof. My mind was pretty much worthless and so it seemed that I lost brain cell after brain cell as the days went on. Some would try to console me by saying my brain cells were just taking a brake while others (bless their heart) actually told me the truth. Once you get it--it never goes away and only gets worst with each pregnancy thereafter.

Being the type of strong-willed, stubborn, and determined person that I am, I have tried to fight the pregnant brain theory...only to fail each and every dang time. Well, today was no exception and in fact was the frosting on the cake, the cherry on top, even better--the straw that broke the camels back!

That's right folks, I give up. I'm no longer going to fight it...pregnancy brain theory is true and my experience today solidified that for me.

It's Wednesday, January 2nd, I'm swamped with a disorganized house, a daughter who is dying to go back to school, some killer nausea and vomiting all morning, packing for my trip to Houston, laundry, oh and my nice thought to make meals for my family while I'm away. Sofia and I rush out the door a few minutes before 1:00pm to drive her to school about 30 minutes away. We arrive at what seems to be 20 minutes late only to find the doors locked. The Director and her teacher, Maestra Claudia, come to the door only to say, the school is closed today and doesn't re-open for classes until tomorrow, the 3rd. (which means the 4th for Sofia since she doesn't attend on Thursdays) That's right, everyone, I'm the 1 out of 120 parents who failed to read the newsletter where it stated that school doesn't resume until the 3rd. Which by the way, in the back of my mind, I swear I read it but instead read the 2nd--something my mind must have hallucinated.

Being the super efficient, ultra-organized freak that I am--I was utterly humiliated by my mistake. It was that moment where I realized my fight against pregnant brain was over and I had lost. On top of that my precious Sofia couldn't understand where the "ninos" were and didn't want to listen when I broke the news that Mami made a mistake and there was no school today. UGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! The Director and teacher couldn't quite understand until I just started rambling about pregnant brain and how I was losing my mind. Being the empathetic beings they are, they were polite and laughed with me. I explained to them that in the month of December I had paid Sofia's tuition late, the rent late, and now this....I failed to mention the less important things like: finding myself in a room in my house and having no idea why I'm there, never being able to remember what the date is or even the day of the week, or calling someone on the phone only to immediately forget my main purpose in calling. The beauty that came from our trip to the school was that I actually remembered to pay the tuition on time...

So, there you go. It's over. I'm pregnant, a bit retarded, and the latests self-proclaimed victim of pregnant brain. Or actually I'm not the latest victim...I've just been in denial for a LONG time!

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David said...

So, maybe I really can go buy something, oh, I don't know, something I really want and you'll have no recollection of the matter because of this "Pregnant Brain." Is that correct? Ha, Ha!

Just kidding, Stormy. So don't give in to the evil "Pregnant Brain," and enjoy it every step of the way. When something goes bad, just blame the pregnant brain.