Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sofia's First School Picture, Amiguitos Pre-school, 2007-2008

Here she is, as cute and adorable as can be!  This photo was taken in the Fall and comes with a funny story.  When Sofia first sat on the stool for her picture she refused to smile.  I know, I know--Sofia, refuse to smile?  Is that even possible?  She's always smiling and joking around but it was something about the school picture scene, I guess.  I kindly asked the photographer to give us a couple of minutes and I took Sofia aside to talk to her.  I asked her what was wrong, to which she responded, "I don't want to take my picture, Mami."  I responded to that by bribing her with a donut after the picture and it was as easy as that.  While bribes are used sparingly this was certainly the moment that called for one. Sofia had no problems hopping back up on the stool, and giving her biggest smile ever.  In the end, Sofia was happy (with her donut) and Mami and Papi were happy with her very first school picture.  So dang precious!  


Lori said...

There does seem to be a twinkle of donut in her eye!!!

Stormy said...

You're absolutely right! ...and even more specifically a twinkle of "maple bar" in her eye! :)