Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas 2007, Part 2

We decorated our tree on Monday, December 3rd at about 9:30pm. Yes, Sofia was still awake, we had just returned from the gym about 45 minutes earlier and figured, if we didn't do it then it would be another week before the tree was decorated. We had a lot of fun and Sofia couldn't stop talking about her tree. I loved our tree as I do each and every year because I enjoy hanging all of the different ornaments. We have such a variety and almost everyone has a little story or meaning behind it. It was fun to talk about some of them and tell Sofia about them. It was so neat how she recognized a couple and could remember receiving them and why. Here are a few fun pics of the finished product.

Sofia presenting the Christmas Tree to the camera

A fun family group shot when it was all done!

The Christmas Tree in all its glowing glory


vanderlinden clan said...

I love the stockings!! :)

Stormy said...

Jennifer, how will I ever make a stocking for #2 without you?!?!?

vanderlinden clan said...

It's funny you should ask. Today I was going through a box of fabric and found a lot of leftover stocking squares. Don't worry, I'll keep you covered. Thankfully I'll have a year before Christmas to get it done!! You know how much time mothers have.

Stormy said...

Thanks, are a true lifesaver. I totally relate to having limited time as a mom and no matter how much one improves on their time management skills, you still feel like you have no time! Thanks for making it possible for #2 to not feel left out. :) p.s. I'll e-mail you that thing I told you I would by the end of the weekend. Thanks for being patient.

Stormy said...

p.s. Did you like how we had each stocking embroidered with our names? My friend Lori's parents' business did that for us. Fun stuff.