Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Family Home Evening, Good Times

Lately, when having family prayer, Sofia has not been wanting to say the prayer. It's been hard for Ryan and I to understand why this is as she's been praying by herself for a year and a half or so. Most of the time she says she doesn't know how.

Tonight for Family Home Evening we had our little lesson on prayer. With the use of some great visual aids my mother-in-law, Clarissa, gave to us we were able to enjoy a nice family discussion on the importance of prayer. Sofia loved holding the cute pictures and talking about what they meant. They were pictures of children and Jesus praying.

The sweetest thing happened as Ryan was talking about the steps to prayer. He was teaching about the step and importance of expressing gratitude. When he finished, he went around the room and asked each of us what we are grateful for. Sofia went first and she answered: "I'm thankful for being born." I can't even express in words how special and spiritual of a moment it was for each of us to hear her say that. As her mother it brought tears to my eyes and I felt so grateful to be Sofia's mom. It was a humbling moment and it reminded me how innocent and close to God little children are. We were amazed that she expressed something so special to her. I love my Sofia so much and I'll never forget tonight's Family Home Evening...none of us will.

Sofia said the closing prayer with some help from Papi and we enjoyed some ice cream cones when we were all done. I love Family Home Evening, it's a fun informal time to come together as a family, have fun, be uplifted, and enhance our family unity.

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Lori said...

Sweetest thing, EVER!