Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hogheaven in Houston

For my 30th birthday, Ryan and Sofia gave me a plane ticket to Houston, Texas, to visit my Best Friend, Tori. From January 3-7th, I was flyin' solo with Tor. It was awesome and we had an absolute blast. (Thanks, Tori--wink wink) From eating the most amazing steak fajitas at Papasito's to throwing a surprise party for Tori's friend, Anela while sipping "virgin" strawberry daqueri's, to late night talks, a trip to the gym and plenty of shopping in between it was an all out girls weekend! I even re-vamped my sunday best wardrobe! YAY! Oh, and we even celebrated Kings Day--complete with the traditional King Cake. It was cool to spend 4 days in the city where I was born and even find the apartment building my parents lived in when I was born. That was really something special for me because for a moment I could sense the love and excitement my parents had when they welcomed me into the world. I am naturally super sentimental and couldn't help but feeling so grateful to my mom and dad for all of their sacrifices and love they gave to me and our special family.

So here's some photos to highlight the best weekend ever--Tori feel free to add anything I may have left out. :)

Presenting, my BFF, Tori!!!

...and here we are drinking our virgin strawberry daqueri's

Anela (the birthday girl!), Me, Tori having a great time...

The apartments where my parents lived when I was born

After thirty years, my mom could still remember the exact address:
9550 Long Point Road, Houston, Texas

Movie and dessert night at The Chocolate Bar
...everything there is chocolate--chocolate candies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate pie...the list goes on and on and on!

No doubt, they live up to their motto!

So sorry this is all we had left to show for our decadent dessert spread...which included three different kinds of icecream and a three or four layer chocolate cake with cream and chocolate sauce. Holy Mother of Mercy--I could use a trip there right now!!

Kings Day was January 6th--we celebrated with many friends of Tori and of course, the traditional King Cake. It was absolutely scrumptious. It brought back memories of my childhood when my Grandparents Britton would ship us a King Cake every year. Before returning to Portland, I went to the bakery and purchased one for my Momma and fam--so yummy.

Tori's friend, Danny, and Tori. Seriously, I loved this guys hair. It reminded me of Ryan's hair when we were first married. Ryan didn't cut his hair for nearly 8 months and it looked just like this! Awesome.
I ate a dove chocolate and the inside of the wrapper said: "Your presence is often the best present." I think that sums up perfectly how I feel about my best friend, Tori. LYLAS to the MAX!

Upon returning to Portland, I was greeted by my sweet hubby, Ryan, Sofia, and my mom. Sofia came running towards me with two dozen GOREGEOUS long stem red roses--it was so nice to be home and with my family again. Thanks to each of you for making this trip possible, it was a blast.


Tori said...

Seriously, it was a fantastic weekend!
My friend with the curly hair is Danny. He's a grad student in a PhD program at Baylor College of Medicine.
You skipped the mani-pedis in the "all out girls weekend" bit. (Because seriously, does it get much girlier than shopping, lunch and mani-pedi? Even I felt spoiled!)
It really made me wish we lived closer so we could do that more often.
BTW: I spent the weekend in Austin and can pretty much guarntee you'll love it! It's even moving up my list of places to move after grad school regardless of whether y'all end up there!

Lori said...

What FUN!!! Tori, I've heard Austin is LOADS of fun- kind of a texan version of Portland. Sunshine and good food, what more could a gal ask for??