Friday, November 28, 2008

Merry Christmas, Wilson and Family + Darci

We'll be spending Christmas this year with the Staleys in Evanston, Wyoming. So, since we were all together for Thanksgiving here in Portland, we wanted to give Wilson and his family along with my sister their Christmas gifts since we're not sure if we'll see each other before we leave. It was fun to do presents and watch them open their gifts. Sofia even got to open an early Christmas Present from MaMa. She was in hog heaven as she started to ride her new talking stick horse. Yay!

p.s. We missed you, Josh! (He was at his girlfriend's house for Thanksgiving).

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Anonymous said...

A Great Day! Thanks for my presents and know that I am enjoying the chocolates and I am using my new (not spillable) mug. Also, I like the pictures of everyone.
Love, MOM