Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Friday, October 17, 2008, we went to the Flower Farmer Pumpkin Patch in Canby, Oregon, with Sofia's preschool, Amiguitos. It was fun to ride the train, climb the hay pyramid, pet the goats and bunnies, and pick a Pumpkin. Sofia got to do all of this along side her cute friends, Brooklyn and Lorenzo. Those three had a blast together. Sydnei and I had fun watching these crazy kiddos!

Brooklyn, Sofia, and Lorenzo point to the giant hay pyramid.
They were so excited to climb that bad boy.

Sofia pets the bunny.

This sweet bunny reminded me of the pet bunny I had named, Winefred, when I was a little girl.

Final answer.
After going through what seemed like 50, this was the winning pumpkin Sofia selected.

If you click on this picture you'll see it from the large view. Lorenzo is cheering Sofia on as she climbs up to the top but turns around to make sure I'm still watching her! I was so proud of you, Sofia, for conquering your fear of heights!

Snack time, sitting by none other than, Lorenzo. Shocker.

That was so fun!
Sofia, Brooklyn y Lorenzo

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Rach said...

How fun...I wish we had a pumpkin patch in Evanston. You'd think being a farming town we would, but since the sun only shines for two months it probably wouldn't be possible to grow a decent pumpkin :)