Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween - Part 2

We had a blast Halloween night with our super duper friends, the Espinos. Amy prepared a delicious Italian Bean and Pasta soup, recipe compliments of Williams & Sonoma. We ate the soup in bread bowls, a perfect dinner on a fall Halloween night. During dinner the girls would rush to the door to tend to trick or treaters. Afterwards, we put the finishing touches on the girls' hair and costumes--sparkles and all! Sofia was Sleeping Beauty, Isabel was a Cheetah, Natalie was a Princess, and Baby Sophia was Winnie the Pooh. Amy and I nominated the Dad's to take the kids trick or treating while we stayed back to chat it up in a quiet house. It was a very peaceful and relaxing 20 minutes. :D

Upon return, the girls immediately began sorting and eating their loot. They couldn't wait to get home to dive in and apparently requested to go home sooner than the Dad's thought they would. While the girls enjoyed some Halloween candy, we indulged in fresh homemade Cinnamon Rolls. THANK YOU, AMY!!! Amy spent hours in the kitchen that day and everything came out perfectly. The girls partook of the Cinnamon rolls as well. Needless to say we had a ton of fun and definitely over stuffed ourselves.

Handing out the goods to the trick or treaters.

Just about ready to go.

These three were READY to hit the houses. Crazy girls.
Sofia, Isabel, and Natalie

No doubt the girls had a blast. I just love Baby Sophia already trying to take a bite of her Milky Way Bar. Cuteness.

Doing a little dance.

Two sissy's. Killer pic.

Sweet Sydnei. I love her little face!

Funny moment with Papi. Showing off her pig tail.

Relishing her favorite, a Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candy Bar.

The Cinnamon Rolls. 'nuff said.

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