Friday, November 21, 2008

Buenas Noches, Sydnei

Tonight Sydnei officially moved to her own bed and room. She has slept next to me every night in her cradle since she was born. She has grown so much the cradle is just not big or comfortable enough for her anymore. When we went upstairs to put her down for the night Ryan said: "it's time, Storm--she's just too big for the cradle now." My heart sunk. But, I knew he was right so we just did it. We set up the baby monitor, gave her a kiss, pattted her bum, turned on a lullaby and said good night.

Sound asleep in her crib with Sweet Pea at her side.

I walked out of the room and tears just came streaming down my face. I went back into my room and just stared at her cradle and cried. There is a really special story behind her cradle. It was hand made by her Great-Great Uncle Bill and her Grandpa Dave. It was used first for Sofia and now for Sydnei and will be used for our future child/children. This cradle is so special. It's by far one of the most precious gifts we've ever received. There is so much love that went into making it and it will stay in our family for generations to come.

Pictures of Great-Great Uncle Bill and Grandpa Dave the day they finished the cradle.

I know, this is the first of many milestones leading to independence but this Mami is a mess! I wish she could stay right by me but at the same time, she needs to grow and be her own person. The move to the new room is the very first step. My precious baby girl has grown so fast, she'll be 5 months old on Sunday...WHERE did the time go?

Meet Sweet Pea. She has slept with Sydnei since she was born and was a sweet gift from Lorenzo and his family.

This is a wall hanging Auntie Darci gave Sydnei for her bedroom. So perfect.

Te amo, Sydnei. Miss you already.


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Amy said...

Oh, Storm. Reading this post left me in tears because I remember the first night Riley slept in her own room...only she was 5 weeks, not 5 months. She was such a noisy, light sleeper and I was so am such a noisy, light sleeper that we woke each other up all night long. IT was necessary for both of us, but I missed her so much for quite a while. You are such a good mom...I look up to you so much!