Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer

In the midst of our morning rush to get dressed, have breakfast, and pile into the car to go to school, I just had to take a picture(s) of Miss Sofia. That's right, for the first time this year she is actually wearing PANTS! And when I say this year, I mean 2008!

The child is convinced that princesses only wear dresses. In fact, we didn't even have to buy one pair of shorts this summer, she wore a dress every day. Might I add Sofia has at least 20 dresses. Luckily, she has a Great Grandma Holgate that supplies her princess craving with the cutest handmade dresses and does so in style. If only I had the talents of Great Grandma Holgate. When she attended soccer camp this summer, she only had shorts to wear because Auntie Syd (a BIG thank you!) sent her them for her birthday! They were pink and with flowers, so she managed. :)

Sofia is attending preschool at the Westside Dance Academy here in Tigard. They incorporate tap dance and gymnastics into the curriculum and so she has to wear a leotard to school each day (under every dress). This morning, when we were getting dressed her leotard's were all
dirty (I'm so behind on laundry) and consequently she couldn't wear a dress. The skirts she owns that have shorts built in would suffice but since we couldn't find any, pants were the only option. It took about 15 minutes to convince her to wear the pants. I followed her all around upstairs with the PINK pants in hand saying they were her only option while she frantically looked in her closet, dresser, under her bed and in even in her toy bins for a leotard or skirt but to no avail. She turned to me and said: "Well, Mom, they're pink. I guess princesses can wear pink pants and they'll look so cute with my new pink and black shoes!" WOW. Could you get anymore girly than that? I love my Sofia, she cracks me up!

It was her idea to take some pictures because and I quote: "We need to send a picture to Papi at work, he isn't going to believe it!" Yes, her words exactly. And well, these pictures will always serve as a memory of the day Sofia actually wore pants. Check out the proof below:

Showing off the pink pants and the pink and black shoes.
She is holding the fresh dandilions she just picked for me. Cuteness.

"Let me pose like this, Mom!

"See, Mami, I can stand on one leg, I learned that in gymnastics!"


Tracie said...

that is so funny. i am glad that you took the pictures for her. proof! you are a good mom, i wouldn't be so patient.

Meredith said...

That is hilarious! I can't believe she hasn't worn shorts or pants!!
She looks precious in her pink pants and I love the shoes!!

Lori said...

I ADORE the "let me pose like this..." pic! What a little girly girl!