Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Natalie and Sofia Fun

A couple of weeks ago, Natalie came over to play with Sofia for the afternoon. These two can be quite dramatic. They'll pretend play for awhile, change their clothes fifty times, get in a little quarrel over what they're going to do next, make up, and then repeat the same process. At one point, I noticed they were having a hard time getting to the make up stage and it ocurred to me they were probably hungry. So, I went upstairs to tell them they would soon be served and to be ready to dine in Sofia's bedroom. Their eyes immidiately lit up and all they could keep asking was "What are we going to eat?" "Do we really get to eat in my room?!?!" I explained it was a surprise and that they needed to wait patiently at their table. They quickly sat down and even invited their "ponies" to join them in the highchair.

I returned with a half banana for each of them on a pink plate. They quickly scarfed that down, and anxiously awaited the main course. What is every kids' favorite food? Yes, you guessed it, mac n' cheese. When I returned they were over-joyed to see their bowls of mac n' cheese and kept saying how much FUN they were having. Sofia said: "Mom, this is so cool, you know it's my favorite." Natalie added: "Yeah, I love mac n' cheese, we even have matching bowls and plates!"

I left them alone to indulge and returned for some pictures. Here are a few of the sweet shots I captured of their lunch date. Remember, when all else fails, a little mac n' cheese with a change of scenery will go a long way. Works every time!

This is so gooooood!!

Cheers! (gotta love Sofia's milk mustache)



Meredith said...

You are such a great Mommy! Such fun and precious memories!

Lori said...

mac 'n cheese... forever bringing people together.