Saturday, October 25, 2008

Church of the Grid Iron

Quick pic at the game. We weren't about to let someone take our picture for us with our Nikon D60, Nigel. This was the best we could do holding the camera ourselves!

A gorgeous view of the Seattle skyline. Btw, We actually spent our honeymoon in Seattle over 7 years ago!

Yes, that's the church we attended while in Seattle, Sunday, October 12th. The Green Bay Packers were in town to battle the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Field and we were fortunate enough to get tickets! It was the first NFL game Ryan and I have ever attended. It was also our first date out sans ninos since way before Sydnei was born. Gratefully, my Mom and sister, Darci, watched the girls while we spent the day together. (Thanks a million!)

National Anthem

Seahawks enter the field.


It was awesome to be at a live football game. Ryan's childhood friend and high school teammate, Brady Poppinga, plays for the Packers so it was even more cool to watch him play live. He's a starting linebacker and #51.

The night before, we dined with Brady at an awesome fish house on the pier and it was a lot of fun to watch those two catch up. They joked about old times and we laughed about new times--especially raising young crazy kiddos.

QB Aaron Rodgers #12

I scored a shot of the last touchdown that sealed the deal on the Packers' win.

The game was exciting to watch as we screamed, and ate hot dogs, cotton candy, and popcorn! (So we're fat kids--but hey that's what you do at a football game!) The fans were awesome as the Packers have quite the following (see pics below). We were seated in an area where to the left of us were a bunch of Seahawks fans and to the right were the cheese heads--a.k.a.--Packers fans. Our locale definitely made for an entertaining game!

Diehard Cheese head.

Gotta love the contrast of fans in this pic. Clearly the Packers fan is more dedicated.

My hot hubby. Love you!

The cotton candy hit the spot, it had been YEARS since I had eaten it!

Packers won the game: 27-17.


Tori said...

Sounds like a great way to worship to me! Glad you had a blast!

Rach said...

Jarrod is going to be soooo Jealous!!! He's been trying to get to a game to watch Brady play, but it just doesn't seem to ever work out. We're glad you two did and that you finally had a night out alone!