Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Swimming in Seattle

The weekend of October 11-12th we took a little road trip to Seattle with my Mom. Conveniently, it's only a 2 1/2 hour drive. My sister, Darci, lives there so we got to hang out with her, enjoy the beautiful weather and stay at a hotel. The first thing we did when we checked in was find the swimming pool. Sofia has been dying to show off her latest kicking skills she's been learning in swimming lessons so off we went. It was fun to put Sydnei in the water for the first time ever. She was pretty tranquil and watched her little sister like a hawk. Good times, good times.

Holding on for dear life, Sofia practices her kicks.

Me and my girls. Sydnei looks half asleep or drunk depending on how you look at it!
I love my girls!

Swimming with Papi for the first time.

Papi and his girls.

Papi y Sydnei. PRECIOUS!

Having fun with Papi.

We made some sweet memories that day. We can't wait to go swimming again!


Lori said...

Ya gotta love the weekend getaway! I love watching Sofia grow up... it seems like she's getting so big!

The Adam Horne Family said...

You're girls are adorable! Congrats! to you both. Coming from Arizona, swimming in Seattle just sounds cold. Looks like no one was freezing though. Its been a long time. Hope all is well in your little corner!