Monday, October 20, 2008

BFF Natalie Espino's 5th B-day

We have some stellar friends, the Espinos. Their daughter, Natalie is one of Sofia's BFF's. These two are two peas-in-a-pod. They are both independent, humorous, crazy, and dramatic. So much personality you don't know what to do with it all. September 25th, Natalie turned 5. Her mom Amy and I, took the girls on a movie date to see Wall-e (the only g-rated flick in the theatre). It happened to be canned food festival day so we got in by each taking 3 cans of food for the Oregon food bank. The girls got a kick out of handing over the food for their tickets. It was a very cute movie. The girls kept cracking up and each enjoyed their OWN bag of popcorn AND drink (compliments of the canned food festival). Afterwards, we took some pics of these two. They are hilarious and so entertaining when they're together.

So excited, they were literally climbing the walls.

Little sissy, Sophia, Natalie, and Sofia

Since Wall-e has been out since summer, the poster is no longer up. So the girls chose the Chihuahua poster to pose in front of. Silly girls.

Sydnei chillin' in her car seat after the movie. She sat in my lap the ENTIRE time watching the movie with us.

What a fun movie date. The following day, Friday, we made pizza at the Espino's house and decorated an orange butterfly cake to celebrate with Natalie and her family. Fun memories. Yumm-o food. Happy Birthday, Natalie! Thanks, Espinos!

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Jason Sarah and Bridger said...

I love the picture of Sid, she looks just like a Staley, namely her aunt Carlee. Congratulations on snagging a cute one.