Monday, October 20, 2008

Sydnei Nicole at 3-months Old

Yes, everyone, Sydnei turned three months old almost one month ago! So yeah, a bit behind but that's ok, really. I can't even express how much fun we have with this little baby girl. The biggest highlight in her third month of life was our discovery of her natural attraction to elephants. Yes, elephants. She lights up at the sight of any elephant she sees. Her eyes get super big and she makes little coos and gurgles at them. She has a gymini play mat that she's been playing on and insists (we can tell by her sudden cries) that she must be underneath the elephant. She'll play with this purple little guy for 45 minutes reaching for him and talking to him. Precious.

I can't wait to take her to the circus when she's older and watch her experience her very first elephant ride. Awesome.

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