Monday, October 20, 2008

Tagged...Random Stuff!

My cousin, Meredith, tagged me to share 7 random things about myself. I think ya'll are going to get a kick out of a few of these!

1. I can never EVER find my keys. I literally throw them where-ever when I walk into the house or someone else's house for that matter!

2. I hardly ever wear a coat even when it's really cold. I did this when we lived in Utah and it snowed there! I'm just hot-natured, I guess.

3. I can pretty much quote the entire movie, Tommy Boy.

4. I pluck my eyebrows while driving. Lindy has hated this about me since we were missionary companions 9 1/2 years ago! Some things never change.

5. I'm addicted to the white noise of a fan when I sleep at night.

6. I have to have all clothes and towels folded and stowed PERFECTLY and facing the same direction or I will un-do and re-fold it all! Just ask anyone who has ever helped me do laundry.

7. I HATE to iron. I'd rather scrub a toilet. My husband is the King of "Ironing" but since he has 25+ dress shirts and slacks we use our local environmentally-friendly dry cleaners. Some conveniences are truly worth every penny.

I tag: Lindy, Tori, Lori, Rach, Michelle, and Amy. Thanks, Meredith--this was fun!!!!


Meredith said...

I love them all! I do the same thing with my clothes & towels. Everything is to folded perfectly! You should see my linen closet!!

Thanks for sharing! Hope you and the fam are doing great. Give the girls a kiss for me!

Lindy said...

#1: I could have written that. Symonie thinks I have a problem.
#3: LOL. ("I can actually hear you getting fatter.")
#4: Not funny.
#7: Amen. I know my aversion to ironing is a direct result of mission life. Ugh. Same with pantyhose...I absolutely REFUSE to wear them.

Lori said...

did i catch a 'niner' in there?