Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Very Own Easter Miracle

My precious Momma, Thanksgiving 2007

Two days before Easter we had a family conference with the team of doctors caring for my Mom. I prefer to call said conference a "Come to Jesus Talk." Basically, it was a meeting about the next steps necessary to care for my mom and none of them were the slightest bit encouraging. Most of the opening statements uttered by the doctors were, "if she pulls through this...," and "if she makes it..." In summary, we were told that my Mom was digressing in every way possible. Her infections were out of control, her breathing-on-her-own ability continued to decline, and she wasn't waking up. We discussed the risk and possibility of stroke as well. Finally, we agreed to a "Tracheostomy" to move the breathing tube out of her mouth and place the "Trach" in her neck--still connected to life support. The pulmonary doc would give her through the weekend to wake up and make progress but he didn't expect much. Needless to say, we went home extremely discouraged and worried.

That evening we finished having dinner and I decided to go back to the hospital and spend some time talking to my Mom. I figured if she's going to recognize anyone's voices it would be that of her kids and not the strange doctors and nurses. Ryan gave me an Ensign magazine to take with me and encouraged me to read it to her and off I went.

I arrived at the hospital shortly after 8pm and stayed until nearly midnight. I talked to my mom, told her stories and jokes, read to her, and said a prayer with her. I wanted nothing more than for her to wake up! While I was sitting at her bedside I felt the need to ask for her to receive another blessing of health. I decided to go and call someone to see if they could come to the hospital and when I returned to my Mom's room, her Bishop was standing there! He felt the need to visit my Mom and give her a blessing as well. After the blessing she started to slowly respond. She blinked her eyes a few times and we even caught a smile. It was a really special moment for us to see her trying to connect with us.

The following day, Saturday, the pulmonary doctor examined her and said, "she's doing better than she has ever done!" He was so excited that she had progressed so much that he thought she may even be able to get off of the respirator. Unfortunately, her lungs weren't quite ready and he chose to wait another day. So we prayed and prayed and we spent time there talking to her. It was so incredible to see her become coherent and do things like nod her head yes and no.

Sunday morning when we were at church I struggled to focus. I decided I couldn't wait any longer and stepped out to call the hospital to see if any progress had been made. I was informed that the doctor was able to successfully excavate her and that she was doing fine--breathing on her own!!! I immediately started to cry and was so thankful that my mom had made the biggest turnaround of her life.

I couldn't help but to think of the symbolism of her recovery and coming out of this on Easter day while I reflected on why we celebrate Easter. In the Christian world, we celebrate Christ's resurrection which was the historical moment where He triumphantly overcame death. This was a great miracle and blessing to all of mankind. This Easter, we also celebrated my Mom's liberation from life support and her ability to breathe on her own, once again--truly, an Easter miracle. I'm so happy and so grateful. Easter is my Mom's favorite holiday and now her very own special day. We couldn't have hoped or asked for anything more.

While she has a very long road of recovery from major surgery and her infections, I know she will be able to do so with a lot of time, prayers, love, and of course, her wonderful doctors. Thanks to each of you for all of your kind thoughts and prayers, they have been comforting to me and my family and have truly helped my Mom.


Lori said...

Best entry ever! I can't tell you how happy I am that she's pulling through with such strength. Going forward with prayer...

Tori said...

I can't tell you how happy I am to hear she's doing so well! Send her all my love. I will continue to pray for her.

aaron & allee said...

Oh, Stormy! I have been thinking about you and praying for your mom all week. There really is power in the priesthood. Your post brought tears to my eyes and I am so happy things have begun to look up. Happy Easter, indeed!