Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Momma

Some of you know that my mom had to have emergency surgery last week on a perforated colon and were she not to have had the surgery she would have passed away. She's been out of surgery for a week. The surgery part was successful but she has yet to wake up. We're hoping and praying that she will very soon. A ventilator has been assisting her lungs to work in the meantime. She's been off of sedation medication for over 10 hours now and nothing. She's ridden with infection and that is truly a huge obstacle.

We are praying our little hearts out that she will be able to wake up. It must happen in order for her to progress and begin recovering. She has the longest recovery imaginable ahead of her but until she wakes up and can get off of the ventilator, we are all standing by, biting our nails, hoping only for the best.

I can't even begin to express the emotions and feelings I have been through along with my family. I'm not ready to lose my mom. She is one of the greatest inspirations to my life and I need her. I've already lost my dad and couldn't handle losing my Mom too. My heart is broken over this experience and I pray every day she'll come out of it and we'll all have the strength to continue weathering this storm.

Thanks to each of you for your many warm thoughts and prayers. We know they are heard and we along with you pray she will pull through this.


Lindy said...

Stormy dear, you know our thoughts and prayers are with Momma Carolyn (or should I say catgrandma44?). Even the kids are praying for her, because you know they think Sofia's their cousin anyway, so why not include her grandma in family prayer? I'm so sorry, Storm. My heart hurts for you. You must be one strong woman to go through all this. (BTW, how is Ryan doing?) We'll be gone this weekend, but keep us updated (you can always call Aki's cell). Love you.

Meredith said...

Oh Stormy, we are praying so hard for our sweet Aunt Carolyn! We are so sorry but we know she is strong and can pull through this.
We're sending all of our love & prayers!

Kelly said...

Thinking about you Storm...and your family. Love ya!

vanderlinden clan said...

so sorry to hear about your mom. we hope all will be well with her soon.

Willowkist said...


My prayer are with you and your mom. I can still hear your sweet imitation her in my head.