Sunday, March 9, 2008

Amiguitos goes to the Children's Museum

Recently, Sofia's entire school went on a field trip to the Children's Museum. Ryan and I both were able to go and it was quite the excursion. There were a bazillion little kiddos running around from area to area exploring all of the super fun stuff to do and see. Some of the cool areas included shape creation, dig pit, construction zone, water works, grocery store, clay studio, do-it-yourself face-painting and more! Sofia had a blast along with her friend, Lorenzo, they didn't leave each others' side the whole time. It was tons 'o fun!

Included in the selection of pics is a video of Sofia singing her little heart out on the play stage. She found some articles to throw on in the dress-up clothes bins and immediately went for the microphone. Sofia is such a little performer, it's hilarious!

Amiguitos group gets geared up for their time at the musuem

Lorenzo y Sofia--silly friends

Creating with shapes

Shopping at the "Grasshopper, Grocery & Butterfly Bistro"

Sofia on stage, LIVE in concert!

Face Painting Fun

The following pics were all from the Water Works Exhibit, no doubt this was Sofia's FAVORITE!

All done playing and waiting for snacks...sillygooses

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Lindy said...

I hope you know I always look at your blog…I just don't comment since I read it using Bloglines.

I love these photos (and the video!)…what fun you had.

And I think the list of things to do in OR is a spectacular idea!