Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sofia, Speaking on Babies and Motherhood...

"When I'm a Mami, I can put babies in my tummy, but not right now because I'm a kid, not a Mami!"
Yesterday as Sofia and I were leaving the hospital after a visit with my Mom, she informed me of the above fact. Silly Sofia. Sofia is definitely ready to be a big sister! She's always talking about her baby sister, Sydnei, and how she's going to teach her everything she play hide and seek, play with dolls and toys, dance, and even rock her to sleep. The sweet thing about her little quote is that it goes right along with a big part of her personality. You see, she's always been a natural-mami-nurturing kind of little girl. When she was just a baby, we nicknamed her "Mamita" (Spanish for little Mommy) and that nickname has not only stuck but has always fit. I love you, Mamita!


charlene said...

Hi Stormy,I'm glad your moms doing better, I will pray for her. I had no idea WoW! You know I'm here for you.

Kelly said...

So sweet, Sofia! Tyce, on the other hand, is pretty sure that he DOES have a baby in his tummy. Everyday he sticks it out and tells me, "look, belly is getting huge like yours!" Gotta love the honesty of toddlers!