Friday, August 22, 2008

NieNie Dialogues

A few months back when my good friend Lindy was visiting, she introduced me to a pair of blogging sissy's, NieNie and CJane. I was instantly sucked in as I began to read their dialogue, commentary, life experiences, and so on. They have a keen and witty way of expressing themselves and sharing their lives and perspectives.

One of the sisters, NieNie, was in a private airplane crash with her husband six days ago. While the pilot did not survive the crash, she and her husband are in the burn unit listed in critical condition at Maricopa County Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Their prognosis is still so unknown but will definitely include many surgeries, skin grafts, infection fighting, and body temperature regulating--to name a few.

StephaNie and Christian Nielson Family
(this is my most favorite family picture of theirs, NieNie looks so sheek and hip in a 1920's kind of way)

NieNie is the mother of four precious children: Clair, Jane Bronwyn, Oliver, and Nicholas (Gigs). I can't express how the tragedy of a family I know of only through blogland has effected me. Since I heard about the crash, NieNie and her family have persisted in my thoughts and prayers. The thought of them fighting for their lives while their children and extended family watch, wait, hope, and pray is overwhelming. NieNie's sister, CJane, continues to update her blog on their progress.

Nielson Family: June 2008

First I want to invite each of you who read this blog to offer up your own faith and prayers in behalf of the Nielson Family. I know that the kindest of thoughts and faithful prayers of people one knows and those they don't know, are heard and help more than anything else can. The faith of others is far reaching and as one who has repeatedly benefited from the same of others, I invite you to join in on behalf of this sweet family. Additionally, some donation accounts have been set up to help contribute to the cost of their recovery. Their recovery will be costly, well into the millions. Should you want to do more, you may click on the Nie Recovery Button at the top of the right side bar to learn of many ways to support various fundraising efforts including but not limited to craft sales, silent auctions, and donations. All proceeds will be used to pay for medical bills and their household management as they recover.

Thanks to each of you for reading and offering your support. My best wishes for this sweet, dear family.


Daisy said...

Stormy - Nie and CJane also brighten my day and I thought I may be silly to think about them all week, but I can't get them out of my head! Thanks for sharing. It's amazing how little blogland is and what an effect these creative sisters have had on all of us. I can't help but think of the strength that she will be to many as she recovers. I am praying for that too!

Rach said...

I read your post a few days ago and was also touched by it. So I began to tell Jarrod about this horrific accident and what happened. And the crazy thing is, he already knew because he served his mission with Christian. I had no idea. He had already received an email from a past mission companion telling him to pray for their children. What a heartbreaking thing for them to go through. So we are joining our prayers with you, so Thank you!