Thursday, August 28, 2008

"$100 Bucks goes to the First Person who...

...dares to clean our kitchen." Those were Ryan's words tonight as he walked through a kitchen that seems to have been on a cleaning strike for, oh, say a week?!?! The only other unfortunate souls who have been privy to such a sight are my Mom because she came by yesterday and fortunately found time to unload the dishwasher--THANK YOU! And, my BFF, Tori, because she was here last week when I cleaned it.

Yes, I do love a clean house and generally need it to remain sane. It just didn't make the cut this week. Fine!!! I'll go clean it now and stop blogging about it. Ry, does that mean I get a hundred bucks!?!?!? Certainly, I'd still be eligible? Tell ya what, Ry: ...we do it together and I'll split the money with you (as a one time courtesy, of course) What do you say?!?!? Are you in?

1 comment:

Tracie said...

I will do it!! Although mine is pretty scary right now too! I guess I will just have to settle for my own and get paid nothing. Randy is getting a deal!!!