Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We knew it would happen someday...

....I just didn't think it would be today or tomorrow or this year! No, the picture below is not of a lock of hair from Sofia's first haircut, it's a lock of her hair from the haircut she gave herself TONIGHT!!!

I was cleaning up the kitchen when I turned around as Sofia had just kindly placed her lock 'o hair in the garbage (thank you, Sofia for not leaving it on the floor--good girl!). I literally screeched. Not screamed, screeched...more like the sound one makes when hearing nails go down a chalkboard. Upon hearing my screech, Sofia ran down the hall...I asked her what she had done and she said, "Mami, I cut my hair, isn't it pretty?!?!?" I replied, "yes, it looks pretty..." "....but, sweet pea you can't cut your own hair." The poor thing had tears in her eyes, I reassured her it would be fine, combed out her hair trying to find where she had cut it and fortunately, it was underneath on one side....a nice inconspicuous place. (confirming there was no need to rush to the salon to get her hair fixed) So I quickly put her hair in pony tails, made it look pretty, and we both felt much better. :D YAY!!

In the end, I have to admit that I think she got the idea from me. This morning I trimmed her bangs before she went to school....I've done that before, but I guess the idea to do it herself hadn't occurred to her until today. Silly Sofia. I love these moments...they make me happy to be a MoM.

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Lori said...

No one is immune, I guess! I always love the reaction that kids give when they've found the scissors:
"Look at what I did!! Aren't you proud!?" So super cute.
Your reaction was textbook! Well done! I think I'd _flip_!