Friday, September 14, 2007

Sofia's 1st Day of School

Sofia Staley, 1st Day of School, September 5, 2007

Here she is, so dang pretty n' pink on her first day of school!!! (Pink is her FAVORITE color) The first week of school was a little shaky-- at least at drop off time. Sofia was scared and nervous; however, she did calm down and relax, eventually. She was excited to go to school but we think the change freaked her out just a little. By this past Wednesday (her 3rd official day) she was saying "Okay mom, I want to say good-bye to you outside!" We knew it wouldn't take long at all for her to adjust and now she asks almost everyday if she gets to go to school.

Sofia insisted on taking a picture while doing this pose--she is hilarious!
I've arrived a little early to pick her up each day because I love watching the closing circle time. They sing a song called, "Adios, adios" and make little hand motions outlining the parts of the body. It's SO CUTE!!! Sofia naturally picks right up on the hand motions as she has done so much of that in Music Together classes.

Sofia next to her assigned "cubby"

Maestra Claudia

Maestra América

Sofia's teachers are Claudia and America. They are really sweet and have a strong educational background in early childhood education. Sofia loves saying good-bye to them and giving them "besos." We're so excited that Sofia can attend this wonderful school! Next month, she'll get to go on a field trip to the pumpkin patch and attend the Halloween party at school. Fun, fun stuff.

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