Thursday, September 20, 2007

Long John Silver's...Can I get an AmEn?!?!

On the same day Papi and Sofia put on a rock concert, we paraded as a family down to Long John Silver's. Ah...just the sound of that name to a Thompson Family member's ears is true bliss. Nothin' like deep-fried halibut, chicken planks, HuSH PuPPies, fries, corn on the cob--it's the closest you can come to eatin' a truly southern dinner in the Northwest without actually flyin' 3000 miles to get it. We ate in style with our Pirate Hats, laughed, cut-up (southern term for joke, talked, laughed), chowed-down, and had a darn good time. Of course, the dinner conversation centered around the "crunch-ees..." ...that would be Dad's favorite part--you know the crispy little pieces of batter left over after the deep fryin' is done! Dad used to specifically request those and couldn't believe it when the people up here in the Northwest looked back at him with a blank stare! They had no idea what he was talkin' about but now they do! You get a nice helping of them on your plate without even askin' for 'em! :D MMM-Goo-oo-d!

Top 2 Long John Silver's Fans this side of the Mississippi!

These are "them crunch-ees" I mentioned earlier...!

While these two only go for the chicken planks (anti-fish), they're still part of the club! (I happen to fall in the same category as they do!!!!)

Bub and the girls, so precious. :D


Tori said...

I gotta say Storm, you're making Long John Silver's sound Go-od! And somehow, even with them all over the place, I have managed to avoid it up to this point in my life. But now that I know they have hush puppies...
(Although I have been told I am not a true southerner since I don't care for ketchup with my hushpuppies...I guess it's just the Yankee in me!)

Stormy said...

Ketchup totally RUINS the fine flavor of the hush puppy! Who are them "so-called southerners" you been talkin' to??? I'd like to have word with them if you know what I'm sayin'. I fear you've been misinformed. Here's to hush puppies WITHOUT ketchup! MMMM--Goo-oood!

andy said...

Thank you for Andy and FSN