Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sydnei's First Week Home

Here are a few sweet pics of Sydnei taken her first week at home. Isn't she absolutely precious?!?!?! We are so in love!

Sound to sleep in her papasan chair, this picture is my absolute favorite

Sydnei enjoys a ride in the swing

Sofia loves to stay close by Sydnei at all times to make sure she is "ok"


Lori said...

ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh.... how stinkin' adorable!
Congrats on being at home finally. I can't wait to see her! Big sis is really doing a good job at checking in on Sydnei, isn't she? :)
I'm sure your home is filled with the sweetest sighs laced with subtle smiles.

Trizasta said...

She looks just like me!!! I'm sad I'm not there to hold her and snuggle her. She won't know my amazing awesomeness the way that Sofia does! YAY for being home and I can't wait to see you guys in a month!

Alison said...
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