Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mama Thompson and Cousin Careese Meet Sydnei for the First Time

Even though the doctors said it would take longer than expected, you were determined to arrive into this world on your terms: quickly and efficiently. Mom and I were glad that we spent the first days of your life with you; still, others were waiting patiently to meet you. Sofía, your big sister, of course met you first; she's been waiting ever since she found out that you were going to join our family.

Mama Thompson and cousin Careese visited us at the hospital on Tuesday, June 24, to welcome you into this world. We snapped some great pictures, and everyone was trying to determine the color of your eyes, who you looked like the most (I vote you look more like your mom), and your sleeping and eating habits. Mami couldn't stop talking about the chicken tenders, Mama was talking about everything under the sun, Careese didn't have much to say (she was speechless in your presence), and Papi and Sofía were trying to reason as to how she obtained the pony you gave her. What a great day it was!

Mama Thompson, Careese, Sofía, and Sydnei

Mama Holding Sydnei

Our First Family Picture with Sydnei

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Anonymous said...

What a Beautiful Family Picture. MaMa Thompson, Careese and Big Sis, Sofia are so Happy to Sydnei ("Sweetsums") hold her, talk to her, was wonderful, just wonderful.

Love, MaMa Thompson