Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy 1-Month Birthday, Sydnei

We can hardly believe a month has already passed since you came into our lives. Your presence brightens any room and anyone who meets you falls in love instantly. We love your striking blue eyes and dimples. We love to see you smile which for now is only when you're dreaming sweet dreams.

You love tummy time and you can already turn yourself over from your belly to your back. You even prefer sleeping on your belly over any other position, although for now, we only let you do that when we are watching you. Mami especially loves to stick her tongue out at you and watch you reciprocate. Papi loves when you make an 'O'-shape with your mouth and look all around you, it's precious. Your big sissy, Sofia, loves to pick you up the minute you wake up and carry you through the house. So far she hasn't broken you so not too worry you're in good hands (even though MaMa has a heart attack each time she sees Sofia carrying you)! Sofia loves to help feed you and shower you with hugs and kisses, she is so proud of her little sister. We're so grateful you have joined our family and are excited to watch you continue to grow.

Love you so much, Sydnei~
Mami y Papi


Alison said...

Wow, she's beautiful. Love the headband. How old is Sydnei?

Lori said...

What great photos!!! Has it really been a month??!?
Happy month old, sweetie!!

Stormy said...

Hey Alison! You probably meant Sofia. She is 4 years old now...isn't that crazy?!?! Time flies.

Anonymous said...

MaMa Loves the New Pictures. My Favorite is Sydnei with her arms raised and she looks like she is saying: "Can I have an Amen!".

Careese said...

awww that is so but i love it sydnei is a baby doll i miss her and u guys tell sofia i love her and i want to see her soon mabey next week???? well i dont no cause i want to go help grandma but i want to help out with sofia to well love ya


andy said...

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