Thursday, June 5, 2008

Words and Experiences to Live By

I've been thinking a lot lately about how much my life has changed in the last 18 months. I went from being a full-time successful career Mom that was essentially "going places," moved to a new state, and chose to end my professional career, stay home with our daughter, Sofia, and focus my time on our home and family.

In the beginning it was incredibly hard not to sit in front of my computer drafting spreadsheets of our financial plan over the next 5-10 years or looking at all the job listings I qualified for and then some. It wasn't easy to swallow the financial impact of our decision for me to stay at home. But that said, with time, it became easier and easier. Why? Because of all of the simple life experiences and lessons I've learned along the way.

Sofia Elizabeth, Memorial Day, 2008
Oceanside Beach, Oregon

Experiences such as getting Sofia out of bed and holding her for as long as I want to and as long as she'll let me vs. running out the door to get to school and work on time. Moments where I actually plan and prepare a healthful meal that we can all enjoy vs eating out. The spontaneity that I love in my life returned in abundance when I chose to stay at home. In any given moment we can run to the park, go walk around Target, surprise Ry by dropping in on him at work, and play dress up. These moments are ones I will cherish and love for the rest of my life. I haven't wasted my time and instead I'm able to develop as a mother and cultivate my relationship with my husband and children. Nothing is more special to me than that.

Ry and I, Memorial Day, 2008
Oceanside Beach, Oregon

Today was an awesome day full of fun ordinary moments. I spent a couple of hours helping Sofia practice writing and teaching her how to play the memory game. We made homemade cupcakes with hot pink frosting and I even took a much needed nap. When we were writing vertical lines, Sofia looked at me and said, "Mami--I love you to teach me." I'll never forget those words. The second Ry told me to close my eyes and dropped a bite size 3-muskateers bar in my hand, pure sweetness. The moment where I let Sofia crack an egg open and she did just that but on the counter top instead of the bowl was hilarious. The second that Ruby (my kitchen aid stand mixer) started to turn the frosting from white to hot pink and Sofia's eyes got bigger and bigger...priceless. A second later when she begged for a taste, it was confirmed, she's my baby girl and we both love frosting. :)

My BFF, Tori, has an awesome quote on her blog that goes right along with what I'm attempting to express:

"The weddings, the birthdays and the graduations are special, but they aren't the most important days. It's those in between. Washing the dishes, reading a book, having a good laugh, planting a garden, playing catch, making a strong cup of tea. What happens in and around these moments is what we remember and should celebrate. A simple appreciation of extraordinary ordinary life. Now that's worth saving."

-Lori, Murraysville, PA

Sydnei Nicole, February 2008 at 20-weeks Gestation

So moments like the other day when Sofia prayed for Sydnei to be born AND that she could be pregnant are the ones I'll always remember and celebrate.


Lindy said...

Jeepers...only 18 days left! That was a great post, Stormy. You'll be glad you documented those little moments. And I love that quote too! Enjoy these last couple weeks with just you and Sofia.

elcapitanche said...

Storm, it amazes me how you recapitulate the simple, yet amazing moments in our lives together. I often wondered how we'd do it when we made the decision for you to take on the role as domestic director. Still, there's not a price we can put on the times Sofía throws sand at me and says, "Papi, chase me!" Thanks for being my wife, and thanks for recording these moments-I love to read them. The pictures are wonderful too! I love you!

Tori said...

It's I started reading your post, I actually thought about the same quote from my blog and was going to point you towards it. It's stories like this which really capture why I love that quote...because life is constantly giving us those moments, if we pay attention enough to grab them.

Lori said...

How different are the rewards for "living", rather than "making a living"! What a blessing. Thanks for sharing your sweet moments.

Kim O said...

Wow... I can't believe so much time has passed. I have been checking your little blog every few days waiting for that magical moment when you tell/show us your next beautiful daughter Syndei has arrived. I miss you all and wish you still lived next door. I feel we have been so out of touch. I look forward to talking to you soon.