Monday, June 2, 2008


As some of you may recall, during my first pregnancy with Sofia I was so dang sick I was hardly able to enjoy the various cravings so many women experience throughout their pregnancy. That is until the last month of my first pregnancy. When I hit about 34-weeks ish--my craving for cake set in, cake with LOTS o' buttercream frosting. This particular craving was such a joy as it's already one of my favorite sweet indulgences when I'm not pregnant.

Well, much to my delight the cake craving has returned with this pregnancy. It's truly the only real consistent craving I have on a daily basis. All the other cravings I've experienced this time around (and there have been more since I wasn't as sick as long) have been random and never stuck. The cake craving hit about a week before Mother's day and it's hasn't gone away. Darn. Wink wink.

Unfortunately, we found the single layer cake supply is quite unreliable at the grocery store. So, in one of Ryan's stellar husband efforts to feed my craving he substituted with cupcakes. They're always at the grocery store and Safeway has the best we've discovered. They're so good and keep me from eating a whole cake. I can have one, and yes, sometimes two, and then the craving is satisfied and this momma in her last miserable weeks of pregnancy is pacified...that is until the next day when she has to have another cupcake!

Just so you all know, I made a promise that after Sydnei is born, we won't buy anymore cupcakes on a daily basis. It's just during the last weeks of pregnancy. Promise! (For the record, I kept the same promise after Sofia was born.)

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Lori said...

Maybe even a little funfetti sprinkled on top.