Friday, June 20, 2008

Sofia Rocks at the Doctor!

Yesterday, I took Sofia to her 4-year old well child exam. I was so proud of myself to have managed to schedule this appointment and get her there all before Sydnei arrives. She was SO EXCITED to be the patient. (probably because she has been with me to almost every prenatal appointment--it was finally her turn) The appointment was a big one and included some letter and shape writing along with a picture to see how her skills are developing.

The doctor asked her to draw a picture of Mom. This was the precious little picture that resulted! Me, with an awesome huge belly...I couldn't have been more pleased. She did such a great job. :) I love you, Mamita.

How do you like that preggo stick figure, Auntie Tristyn?!?! I thought you would love it...wink wink.

Aside from the writing and drawing exercises, Sofia passed her physical, vision, and hearing exams with flying colors. She's now measuring 75th percentile for height (looks like she's now leaning to the Staley side of the height genes) and 68th percentile for weight. Sofia topped off the appointment by toughing through 4 yes, 4 shots all given one at a time!

I told her I was so proud of her and that we would go get a treat for doing such a wonderful job. She immediately asked for Strawberry Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory! Awesome, I wasn't about to say no! We even enjoyed a slice of Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake...(sorry Nana you couldn't be here to indulge with us--we missed you). After cheescake galore, Sofia went and played at the mall playground....a happy little camper she was.


Trizasta said...

Pretty much I love the pregnant stick figure! Pretty sure she got all her artistic ability from me because that's exactly what it would look like if I drew it as well!

Careese said...

Wow i am so so glad sofia is a big girl tell her i miss her so much and i miss you guys so much too

Luv Careese Alexis Thompson

Stormy said...

The doctor said that next year when she gets to draw another picture of me, I'll get a neck because 5-year olds realize there is a neck between the head and the rest of the body...will you include a neck too?!?!?! (since you'll be twenty-FIVE???) LOL.

Stormy said...

Careese, thanks for your sweet comments--I will definitely pass on her message to you. We'll keep you posted on Sydnei's arrival. :)