Saturday, August 4, 2007


This year our anniversary lands on a Saturday --the same day of the week we were married. This morning we celebrated by attending a Spanish Temple session. It was very peaceful and so enlightening. We saw a young couple right before their wedding cermemony and we couldn't help but picture ourselves in their shoes six years ago. This evening, we'll dine at our favorite restaurant in downtown Portland, Mother's Bistro and then afterwards we're going to the movies to see Bourne Ultimatum!

A lot has happened in six years and the best part of it all is how much we have progressed as a couple and individuals. Marriage and all that it entails has proved to be the greatest teacher of life lessons, gospel principles, and true love. We're both better people today than we were six years ago and we'll continue to improve and progress even more in the years to come.

I loved my husband the day I married him and now six years later my love is 50 billion times greater than what it was that day. The milestones and progression spiritually and temporally which we've achieved together as well as the struggles in varying areas have all enhanced our marriage. Ryan is the most diligent and sincere person I've ever known. He's strong and sensitive, he loves me back. I can't imagine my life without his friendship, love, and dedication.

Together we've become parents, something that has been monumental and key to our spiritual growth. We cherish our daughter, Sofia, and can't imagine our lives without her. We can't wait to have another little one. It's definitely a goal for 2007-2008 and we know he or she will come in the Lord's time.

Here's to SIX YEARS of a marriage filled with love, dedication, trials, and lessons learned. I love you, Ryan, you're my dreamboat.

Below is a fun look back over the last six years...

Portland Oregon Temple (where we were married)

and this picture is gorgeous...

Fun memories.

Michelle and Peter Bradford's Wedding Day
(June 2001)

I was 9 weeks pregnant here and had just been
discharged from a 3-day hospital stay the day before!

Whoa! Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City, Utah (May 2004)
I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant!!! This is where we
got engaged!!!

Our precious Sofia made her entrance into the
world on June 10, 2004

Sofia's baby blessing, July 2004

Oregon Coast, September 2004

My heart stopped when I saw this picture....I
can remember this day as if it were yesterday...

this one too!!!

Family Picture, November 2004

Christmas Time 2006

Easter 2007

Sillygoose...Easter Egg Hunt 2007

April 2007-Colonial Heights
Building Grounds (this is where we
had our wedding reception)

Happy Anniversary!


Tori said...

Hope you had a super anniversery! Your pictures are, as always, beautiful!
LYLAS to the max Storm!


Lindy said...

Stormy, I love all the photos! It's like a trip down memory lane. Wow. WHat a cute idea (and that must have been a lot of work!). I'm glad you guys had such a nice time.

We did make it to the templo, which was great, and we had a nice relaxing weekend, even without the kids for a portion. It was hard to come back to reality on Monday, though!

Staley's said...

Thanks, guys! Lindy, I'm so glad you guys had such a nice weekend...wasn't the temple so peaceful? I felt so calm there and it was something I really know to get away from the chaos and craziness at home. :D

It was so fun going through the photos and taking a trip down memory lane. The only pics I'm missing that I really wanted to post are each of us at college graduation. We both achieved that milestone together but I couldn't find them, darn it! Perhaps actually labeling photos will make it easier to find these things in the future!