Friday, August 17, 2007

Hannah Montana---Holy Cow!

Have any of you out there heard of Hannah Montana?!?!

Well, Sofia has, and so have our nieces, Careese and Allison. Our nieces have spent a lot of time at our house this summer and in doing so introduced us to the pop star Hannah Montana and her Disney Channel TV show. Sofia is IN LOVE with Hannah Montana and anytime her music comes on the radio or TV she goes nuts! This morning as I was driving back from taking Ryan to work, the local radio station announced that Hannah Montana tickets go on sale tomorrow for the concert in Portland, October 30th. Can you believe that I actually entertained the idea (only for about 10 minutes) of buying tickets so that we could take Sofia?!?!?

Holy cow! What was I thinking? Yeah, take our 3-year old to a pop concert, nice one. Clearly, she's a bit young for that. I don't know, maybe I wanted to introduce my daughter more early on to music concerts...perhaps to make up for my own concert-deprived childhood?!?!? I know, I know, the Debbie Gibson concert was huge for me....and still is. Until I met and married my husband, that was the only concert I had ever been to!!! HA HA HA Go ahead, the laugh is on me. Wink Wink.

Anyway, here's to
Hannah Montana, I guess....and I can't wait for when Sofia is 5 or something and when asked what kind of birthday party she wants to have, she shouts, "A Hannah Montana Party, Mom!!!" (duh!)

UPDATE: As we were driving to eat dinner with some friends, tonight, Sofia started to sing, "The best of both worlds" ...Hannah Montana's theme song! It was hilarious...and so perfect right after I wrote this post. Silly Sofia.


Tori said...

My sister loves Hannah Montana. (Yes she is a slightly odd duck!) But so does my cousin, but that's a bit more normal since she's in 5th grade. I didn't realize Sofia loved her so much!

Willowkist said...

Um, is it sad that I love Hannah Montana? It's such a cute show! I'm not into the music, but I like that she's Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter. Oh sweet niblets!