Thursday, August 30, 2007

December 9th, here I come!

My 30th birthday is in just over 14 weeks! Yes, that's right, I will no longer be considered "twenty-something." I'm SO excited! For me, it's my biggest birthday ever. A lot of people I know were excited to turn 16, 18, or even 21, and while those were fun, I'm most enthusiastic about being in my "30's." Perhaps it's being a bit more grown up, having more resources, or even my very own family to share the fun with. I've accomplished a lot in my 30 years on earth and have so much to celebrate.

While our celebration plans are still "up in the air," I want to give myself a gift that is more far-reaching than anything else I can think of...

Drum roll please.....30 pounds of successful weight loss! December 9th is just over 3 months away which means I have 14 weeks to shed 30 pounds and I'm really pumped to make this happen. I CAN do it. I've done it before and it's about time!

So stay tuned as I embark on this 14-week goal. I'll be posting details about my experience, ups and downs, and my weekly weight loss numbers. Please feel free to check-in to see how things are going and even leave some "cheerleader" they would be much appreciated!

Here's to 30 by 30!

Over and Out--


Meredith said...

You can do it cuz!!!! You go girl!

Lindy said...

Hey Storm, love the background. I'm rooting for you! I'll be right there with you…maybe. Maybe I can do "40 by 40." What do you say? :)

Stormy said...

Thanks, cuz, you're awesome!

Stormy said...

Thanks, Lindy...40 by 40--totally do-able. :)