Monday, July 23, 2007

Sofia's very first Summer Camp!

Sofia just completed her very first week-long summer camp at her new Spanish immersion pre-school, Amiguitos. It was an absolute blast--she had so much fun and learned about animals and their varying habitats. The theme was "Vamos a explorar" ("We're going to explore") and each day they would learn about a new animal, have to search for the animal in the "bosque" ("forest") and then reunite the animal with their mom and in the appropriate habitat. They split up into teams while they searched and when they finished they sat in a circle and talked about the different animals. Each day she came home with a new little craft of the animal for that day. The entire camp was done in 100% Spanish. That's right, no spanglish, no English, just pure Spanish.

This fall Sofia will begin attending the Amiguitos two days a week. She's so excited and we are too. I'm going to spend time volunteering at the school while she is in her class. It'll be a great opportunity for her to grow, improve her Spanish verbal skills, and make some new friends. I can't wait to dedicate some time there and support her educational experience. We've always felt very strongly the importance of parent involvement in their children's education. This is the start of many school years to come. YAY!!!

Here are some of the awesome highlights from Sofia's week at Summer Camp:

Walking into school on her first day of summer camp.

Sofia is the second child from the right.

"Mami, watch me jump!"

Absolute cuteness one day after camp.

"I love this place!"

"OOOHHH, what did I find?"

Play time...

"Hi, Mami!"

"What does she have?"

"Making my birdie"

"Me and my friend, Luna." Sofia and Luna met at Music Together classes and have been friends ever since. They're only five days apart in age!


This is my favorite of the two girls. They look so grown up with their arms around each other!

"Watch me climb!"

"Me and my new friend, Abby."

Proud Papi on Sofia's last day of camp. Sofia sliding down the slide, "one more time, just one more time, Mami."

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Lindy said...

Wow, Stormy, great pics! Ame and I had a lot of fun looking through all of those. I'm afraid, though, it's made us miss Sofia even more. I can't believe how grown up she is looking! What a big girl.