Monday, May 12, 2008

Puzzles galore...

A few weeks ago I woke up one Saturday morning and decided I needed some alone time. Ry was working from home and Sofia was still asleep so I got dressed and headed out to do some shopping. Keep in mind I didn't have the cash flow to go real shopping so I opted to cruise around town and check out some garage sales.

It couldn't have been anymore relaxing: me, myself, and I jamming to some death cab for cutie--singing my little heart out, the windows down--because it was actually warm, enjoying the beautiful Oregon country and scoring some killer deals at the garage sales.

Which leads me to the purpose of this post to share my killer find: puzzles. Yes, care bears, strawberry shortcake, and sesame street. I paid a buck for 3 and took them home to Sofia. They are 24-piece puzzles and the minute I walked in the door we sat down at the kitchen table and I taught her how to put them together. She hasn't stopped doing them and I just keep finding more and more at garage sales! It only took me once to teach her how to put them together and she does it all on her own. After she finished putting a few together she asked me to take her picture as she was so proud of her is our princess sillygoose.

Sofia has this thing about looking everywhere other than the camera...thus the "looking off in the distance" pose. Ryan didn't want me to post this pic as he's in the background but I just couldn't help myself! I love that his hair looks like it's 5 feet tall!

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