Monday, May 12, 2008

Hiking up Multnomah Falls

April 12th we spent the afternoon at the gorgeous, well-known national site, Multnomah Falls. It was the warmest day yet--reaching 80 degrees so we took full advantage to get outside!

It was warm but the mist from the falls was very refreshing as we hiked. Sofia brought along her baby Belle and stroller because she just new Belle "needed to go for a walk too!" It was a lot of fun while we talked, laughed, and took pictures as we hiked. It's over a mile hike to the top and we made it a little over half way, which is when I reached my limit. We arrived at a scenic view point and relaxed to enjoy the view and play with a puppy of some fellow hikers before retreating back down the mountain.

We ended the day enjoying some stellar pizza at BJ's and talking to Sofia about the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Here are some pics we took along the trail...

Sofia is actually looking at the camera!

We loved how beautiful the falls looked and how lush the greenery was surrounding them. It was breathtaking.

I don't remember what we were talking about here but we were cracking up at something!

Papi and Sofia pose for the camera in a "little cave." Before Sofia would take the picture she asked us at least 5 times to assure her there were no "BATS" in the cave!

A quick stop to do some climbing along the trail.

A view of the Columbia River Gorge. I can't wait to go back after I'm done being pregnant and recovered so that we can get to the very top!


vanderlinden clan said...

what a beautiful hike! I'm glad you're back; I was beginning to wonder if you had the baby. I guess not much longer; how exciting. Would you mind sending me your address; I have some things to send you at some point. Thanks! I look forward to reading your post per day!

Tracie said...

So beautiful!

Tori said...

That looks like a fun hike and a beautiful day!

Careese said...

OMG! I totally just noticed that that's where the young women went on there camp out! It took along time to get up there GEEZ! Lol. But being on that bridge is pretty fantastic!