Saturday, May 24, 2008

A couple of my favorite highlights....

of the American Idol Finale. Although, let me preface this with the fact that I was not an avid watcher of the show this season, I guess I found it boring so many times that I cut if from my list to watch. It did remain on the DVR schedule so we managed to watch the finale in fast forward mode.

First of all...get a load of this. I can watch it 50 times and laugh hysterically each time--I bet you can too!

...and finally, the Love Guru, my favorite part--everytime he greets or says good-bye to someone he says, "Mariska Hargitay!" Seriously, so freakin' hilarious! (For those of you out there that are not Law & Order SVU fans...Mariska is the star of the show as Olivia Benson.


Jarrod and Rach said...

Hey familia stahley! I am so glad you guys found our blog. It's so good to see your cute family. I am new to this blogging thing and am slowly learning(I know it's about time we came into the 21st century) so this will be fun to stay in touch this way since we don't get to see you. I hope the pregnancy is going well, you're almost done, yeah! And two little girls will be so fun, we absolutely love having two girls together. I love those highlights from american idol, I could watch them over and over too. Well hang in there and I'll talk to you later.

Jarrod and Rach said...

Hey sorry, I know I spelled your last name wrong I always add an "H" I don't know why.

Amy said...

So dang funny! I love the choreography in the first clip. I was laughing so hard that riley started laughing too! Thanks, Storm.