Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Look What I Made You Mami!"

Monday, right around snack time I was upstairs when Sofia approached me to explain that she was making us a special treat and was "pushing the thing down" until it was ready. I told her I was really excited to eat the treat and I was certain it would be delicious. Clearly, I "ass"umed she was making a make-believe treat, which she often does. About 10 minutes later, I started to smell smoke all the way upstairs and went (preggo belly and all) barreling down the stairs. The entire lower level was filled with smoke, Sofia was standing on a chair in the kitchen, and said, "Look Mami, your treat is almost done. I already finished making mine and we can eat our yummy snacks together!" I looked over and it was obvious--this was no make-believe treat. It was a black charred-to-the-max piece of raisin bread. She had her raisin bread toast in her hand and was already eating was toasted perfectly.

I immediately unplugged the toaster, got Sofia down off the chair, opened every window and door, and thanked her for trying to make our snacks while explaining that only Mami's and Papi's are allowed to use the toaster...unless of course, one of us is with her to "help" her toast the raisin bread. The toaster is now safely stowed and out of the reach of children. Gratefully, nothing catastrophic resulted and I was able to get the smoke cleared out. When it was all said and done, Sofia said: "Mami, don't worry, I'll share my piece with you, I haven't finished it yet!" Thank you, Mamita. Love you.

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Amy said...

"Charred to the max", huh? Storm, you crack me up.