Thursday, April 10, 2008

Easter Fun and Cuteness

Silly Sofia, Easter Sunday, 2008

I realize it's been a few weeks since Easter and I'm finally getting around to posting these. Aside from the greatest turnaround miracle my Mom made, we enjoyed some Easter Bunny fun and of course, Sofia was so excited to put on her beautiful new Easter dress from Nana, handmade by Great Grandma Holgate. Thanks you two, it is beautiful and your granddaughter was (and still is) absolutely thrilled to wear it!

Sofia's Easter basket on the left, Mami y Papi's on the right. In Ryan's family, it's tradition for the kids to hunt for their Easter baskets on Easter morning. It was no different in our house this Easter as the Easter bunny carefully hid Sofia's basket and she went on a hunt for nearly 10 minutes to find it!

Sofia has fallen in love with 101 Dalmatians. Nana and Grandpa sent her the DVD in an Easter package and the Easter Bunny thought she needed her very own pet Penny to snuggle with and watch the movie.

What else is in here???

In this picture you can see the blue wrapped "Heavenly Hash" egg and the gold wrapped "Gold Brick" egg. These eggs can only be found in the south and are the same ones I used to enjoy from the Easter Bunny when I was a little girl!

Easter cuteness galore. What a wonderful day in every possible way!
(that rhymed ;) )

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