Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Back in October, Sofia's school had a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch! (So sorry for the delay in posting these.) Ryan took the day off and we accompanied Sofia and the other students. It was so much FUN—complete with a train ride, feeding the animals, a pyramid hay maze, and of course, loads of pumpkins.

We went to the Flower Farmer Pumpkin Patch in Canby, Oregon. Canby is SE of Portland. It was a beautiful morning and it didn't rain—even though we were fully prepared as Oregonians are—it was nice to enjoy it without the rain!

Mami and Sofia about to depart on the train ride...

Papi, the Rock Star, ready for the train ride as well!

First a visit to feed the animals, las chivas y los burros (goats and donkeys)

Next a stop at the gigantic hay pyramid. This was a fun one—Sofia couldn't stop running through with her flashlight. The crazy thing was that Papi is allergic to hay so he couldn't go in there and I'm claustrophobic so it was quite the experience. We had a blast and Sofia pretended to be one of the Backyardigans "on a secret mission."

Alas, I found my pumpkin! Sofia had to pick a pumpkin, which she could carry for 10 steps all by herself. She was so proud of this little pumpkin as you can see in the picture. Good times!

Papi and Sofi, so precious. This picture makes me melt!

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allee said...

Stormy! How are you?! I sure missed you when you left HCI. We had our white elephant party today so tonight I was just thinking how fun it would have been to have you there. Then I googled your name and found your blog. Congratulations on your impending arrival! For your sake I hope the pregnancy goes quickly. I am glad to hear that Sofia is there to remind you there is someone wonderful coming along at the end. Have a wonderful night! Love ya!